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Beam Flange Clamps (BFC)

Great for the lifting of or suspension from I-Beams.


  • Rated load capacities from 1 to 10 metric tons.

  • Proof test with certificate.

  • Lightweight and portable design.

  • Left-hand thread and right-hand thread screw spindle allows for rapid clamping and unclamping.

  • Lock nut prevents inadvertent loosening of clamp.

  • Jaw opening adjusts to a wide range of beam types and f ange widths.

  • Use only for vertical loading.

  • Built-in suspension pin provides lower headroom.

  • Powder coated finish.

  • Available with Large Bail option for oversized hoist hooks.

  • 5:1 design factor meets portions of ASME B30.16.

  • Complies with ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standard.


  • Allows for the capability of hanging hoists or rigging from an overhead load bearing structure.

  • For lifting and positioning structural beams. Can be used in pairs in conjuction with a spreader beam for additional versatility.


Beam Grab (F)

(For vertical lifting only, not suspension)


  • Heavy duty design for lifting wide flange beams and plate girders

  • Recessed base accepts studs in beam surface

  • Eliminates need for slings, chokers and spreader bars

Pipe Grab (C OR S)

(For cast iron or steel pipe only)


  • Automatically clamps to pipe when lowered onto it

  •  Moveable outriggers stabilize the pipe during lift

  • No blocking required

  • Quick and efficient handling of properly balanced pipe

Pipe Tongs (PTL)

(For vertical lifting only, not suspension)


  • Pipe Tongs are made of sturdy construction to handle pipe, round bars, castings, etc

  • Tongs are provided with bare steel curved gripping arms

  • Optional replaceable urethane pads available to protect smooth or polished surfaces

  • Load must be balanced and controlled when lifting

  • May be used in pairs with a lifting beam for added stability

Concrete Manhole Housing Lifter (MHL)


  • Designed for 4"-6" concrete wall thickness

  • Will not damage concrete seat

  • Legs can be quickly positioned to balance load

  • 2 and 3 leg models available

  • Conforms to ASME B30.9 & B30.20

Note: Constant tension required to maintain positive load contact.

Manhole Sleeve Lifter (MCL)


  • Easy to attach and release from sleeve

  • The quick and easy way to place cast manhole sleeves

  • 2 or 3 leg models available

Tea Cup Pipe Carrier (TC)


  • Efficiently handles concrete water and sewer pipes

  • Three sizes available to lift up to 18 tons

  • Standard hand grip for ease of installation

  • Optional spoon handle available to assist Tea Cup

  • placement (Model TC66 only) in small diameter pipes

Pipe Pick (PP)


  • Simple and fast

  • No need to reach inside the pipe

  • Worker remains above the pipe at all times

  • Use to easily join length of pipe

Barrier Lifting Grab (BLG-1)


  • New, compact & rugged design holds up to the work environment where barriers are used.

  • Handles concrete barriers from 6” – 12” nominal width at the top of barrier.

  • Stainless steel Auto-Latch.

  • Auto-Latch mounting insures proper alignment.

  • Locating assembly orientates tong on barrier without operator intervention and will pivot when grab is set on the ground.

  • Gripping pads pivot to conform with the load.

  • Replaceable polyurethane pads protect barrier.

  • Alloy steel dog-point pads bite into painted barrier surfaces (typical in coastal areas).

  • Centering guide cut out on grab shoe helps to properly center tong over barrier for a level lift.

  • Extended handles on each side keep operator away from load and can be adjusted as needed.

  • Lifting eye allows for easy hook attachment, self-centers rigging, and will accommodate a fork.

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