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Lifting beam provides a wide range of multipoint lifting beams providing a lifting solution capable of many different lifts in one easy to use package. These beams are cost effective and are able to replace many standard fixed beams. These are used for 2,3,or 4 point lifting or as spreader beam.


Adjustable Spreader/Lifting Beam (ASLB16)



  • Use for 2, 3 or 4 point lifting or

  • as spreader beam (add top rigging)

  • Adjustable lifting points

  • Good for unbalanced loads

  • Low headroom

  • Shackles included

  • 6" spread adjustments

  • 4" bail adjustments


  • Pair of swivel hooks - Code S*

  • Top chain rigging - Code C

Adjustable Lifting Beam (ALB17)


  • Adjust bail for unbalanced load

  • 6" spread adjustments

  • Shackles included


  • Pair of swivel hooks - Code S*

Fixed Spread Lifting Beam (FSLB19)


  • Fixed spread lifting

  • Eye hooks with latches

  • Sealed construction for cleaner beam

Basket Sling Lifting Beam (BSLB18)


  • Best beam for low headroom applications

  •  Fixed spread lifting

  • Bent bar hooks allow for 2" wide sling eyes
    - One set for 3' & 4' spreads
    - Two sets for 6' - 12' spreads

  • Spread 2 is 1/2 of Spread 1


Low Headroom Multiple Spread Lifting Beam (LHLB20)


  • Great for low headroom applications

  • Swivel hooks with latches standard

  • 3' & 4' beams have 2 spreads

  • 6' & longer beams have 3 spreads (Inner spread lengths are shorter than outer spreads by 1' increments

  • Additional or repositioned holes available


  • Allows for extra hook positions in addition to the standard holes. Specify number and spread.

  • FasPins allows for easy repositioning of hooks. Recommended for frequent hook position changes.​

  • Extra Hooks Allows for multiple pick points. Saves time from having to move hooks.

Heavy Duty Twin Basket Sling Lifting Beam (HDLB22)


  • For use with slings in a basket hitch

  • Latch hooks designed to minimize sling eye damage

  • Four fixed hooks are standard for 3’ and 4’ lengths.

  • Eight fixed hooks are standard for all lengths over 4'

  • Inner spread is 1/2 of outer spread

  • Extra spreads available upon request

Twin Hoist Lifting Beam (THLB25)


  • For use with two hoists to increase lift capacity

  • Swivel hook with latch standard

OPTIONS A- ​Center hook offset to accommodate hoists of unequal capacities.

OPTIONS B- Custom pick points for both top and bottom.

OPTIONS C- Center bail and extra pair of hooks for maximum versatility.


Fiberglass Battery Lifting Beam (BLB)


  • Non-conductive for lifting industrial size fork lift or similar batteries

  • Up to 70% lighter than other beams

  • Available for single or multiple size batteries

  • Heavy duty capacities of 4,800 lbs. and 7,000 lbs.

  • Acid resistant coated polyester straps and hooks

  • 36" standard spread - custom lengths available

  • Swivel hooks standard

Battery Lifting Beam (BLBLHA) Low Headroom, Adjustable


  • Low Headroom, 18.3"

  • Adjustable to handle batteries of different lengths

  • Non-conductive beam

  • Acid-resistant, coated polyester straps with either swivel or J-hook

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