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Crane Lifting Beams

During an overhead lift Crane lifting beams are a type of below-the-hook device used to balance and support a load. The main function of the device is to keep the lifting slings below the beam at 90° angle. This means that the load should be perpendicular to the horizon.

We Universal engineering are the supreme supplier of Lifting beams especially spreader beams, Lifting slings and shackles , crane lifting and other hook lifting equipments all over Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. As the consultant in Middle Eastern countries, we mainly focus on tip toe solutions on your lifting equipment needs.

Lifting beams are usually confused with spreader beams, in terms of purpose and design. However, the two are mechanically different. Spreader beams convert lifting loads into compressive forces in the beam and tensile forces in the slings. Spreader beams are designed to convert lifting loads into pure compressive forces and also spread apart the legs of a sling. While Lifting beams convert lifting loads into bending forces on the beam. The design of a lifting beam is very simple consisting of a beam with a single attachment point centered on the top side of the beam for connecting to a crane or other lifting machine.

Two lifting lugs on the top of the beam attach to the legs of a chain sling or synthetic sling at a particular angle designed to ensure pure compression. This uniformly distributes the weight of the load across the two slings. These slings are connected to crane and other lifting machines. The attachment point is where you connect the beam with crane, hoist or other lifting machine before lifting any load.

There are many different brands of crane lifting beams with different capacities and designs. Therefore, it is important to take care when selecting the right type of beam to use. For instance, you should calculate the overall capacity of the beam and of each individual lifting point. Lifting beams should also provide multiple and adjustable lifting points, at fixed or variable increments, for different sized loads.

Crane Lifting Beams

Lifting beams have adjustable lifting points that can be shifted along the beam to match a specific load. This feature means that lifting beams can be used in many different types of applications and to carry various kinds of loads. The heavy-duty capabilities and rigid design of a lifting beam are perfect for loads that are too flexible. Use it on weak materials like thin steel plates or metal sheets. Adjustability also allows the lifting beam to handle unbalanced loads and control concave crushing forces.

Lifting beams are ideal for shorter and lighter span lifts that do not need a lot of headroom. Also, lifting beams don’t require a huge amount of headroom because it has a single crane-attachment point. The heavy-duty capabilities and rigid design of a lifting beam are perfect for loads that are too flexible. Use it on weak materials like thin steel plates or metal sheets.

Verification through calculations is a must before using a lifting beam. The main purpose of the calculations is to simulate the operative forces that will be generated by the load. The nature of the load is of great concern.

Lifting Points

Lifting beams are often designed for a specific purpose and should not be used for other purposes. This will include the size of the crane hook from which they are suspended. On no account should lifting beams be suspended from unsuitable hooks.

At Universal Engineering, no client would be having a void of worry as we cover everything from start to finish. We are here to solve your lifting problems whether it is advice or to design your dream lifting equipment. We prioritize our lifting equipment services like beam lifting equipment , spreader bar lifting equipment, spreader beam, lift beam and four point spreader lift beam (spreader bar for lifting and load spreader). Along with this we do spreader beam calculation and design.

Universal provides spreader bar which is in stock according to customer requirements and for rental services for any lifting equipments in a cost effective manner.

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