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  • Reduced size and weight, that eases and reduces transportation, storage and installation costs.

  • The Spreader beams is designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms.

  • It is a modular system, you just have to add or remove them in order to have a new spreader beam adjusted to your needs for any lifting work.

  • Completely watertight terminals: This avoids any leakage of moisture that generates corrosion, ideal for the Maritime, Oil & Gas, Offshore sector.

  • Easy and fast assembly, following the steps on the instructions manual. An annual checking is mandatory.

  • Cheap product, replaces a whole range of spreader and beams.

  • For a lifting of multiple anchorage points you can combine spreader beams vertically.

  • All models are delivered with shackles.

We Universal engineering are the supreme supplier of Lifting beams especially spreader beams, Lifting slings and shackles , crane lifting and other hook lifting equipments all over Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. As the consultant in Middle Eastern countries, we mainly focus on tip toe solutions on your lifting equipment needs.

If your lifting performance requires more specific data, contact us and we will provide you the data of the latest range of the Spreader Beam.

We have differentiated the Spreader beam with a sign board according to the load capacity and lengths.

At Universal Engineering, no client would be having a void of worry as we cover everything from start to finish. We are here to solve your lifting problems whether it is advice or to design your dream lifting equipment. We prioritize our lifting equipment services like beam lifting equipment , spreader bar lifting equipment, spreader beam, lift beam and four point spreader lift beam (spreader bar for lifting and load spreader). Along with this we do spreader beam calculation and design.

Universal provide one tone spreader bar which is in stock and available worldwide via Universal engineering distributors and rental partners for any lifting equipments in a cost effective manner.

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