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Difference between Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams which are used in lifting operations

In this article we will be discussing the difference between Spreader beams and Lifting beams. Both these are misunderstood as similar, most of the time by those who don’t know clearly. We Universal engineering are the supreme supplier of Lifting beams especially spreader beams, Lifting slings and shackles , crane lifting and other hook lifting equipments all over Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. As the consultant in Middle Eastern countries, we mainly focus on tip toe solutions on your lifting equipment needs.

During an overhead lift both Spreader beams and lifting beams used to stabilize and support a load. Both types of devices are used to keep the lifting slings below the device perpendicularly. So we can avoid damage to rigging hardware and lifting slings, and helps keep the slings in place. There is a lot of confusion about the differences between spreader beam and lifting beam in terms of how they’re designed and what they’re used for. The forces applied by both of these are different to the beams.

Spreader beam – The beam which experience a compressive stress in the beam when the load is given.

Lifting beam – The beam which experience bending stress in the beam when load is given.

Spreader Beams

Spreader beams convert lifting loads into compressive forces in the beam and tensile forces in the slings. Spreader beams are designed to convert lifting loads into pure compressive forces and also spread apart the legs of a sling.

Two lifting lugs on the top of the beam attach to the legs of a chain sling or synthetic sling at a particular angle designed to ensure pure compression. This uniformly distributes the weight of the load across the two slings. These slings are connected to crane and other lifting machines.

Advantages of Using a Spreader Beam

· Because of the forces acting spreader beams are highly efficient. Also in their use of materials, so they’re typically smaller, lighter, and economic to design and manufacture than a lifting beams.

· Because they use two lifting points instead of one singular lifting point, the weight of the load is distributed evenly across the beam.

· They are best in use for off-center load adjustments.

Disadvantages of Using a Spreader Beam

· In order to accommodate the overhead slings, spreader beams require more headroom than a lifting beam.

· Possibility of spinning in the case of long beams or uneven loads. So tagline may be required

Lifting Beams

Lifting beams convert lifting loads into bending forces on the beam. The design of a lifting beam is very simple consisting of a beam with a single attachment point centered on the top side of the beam for connecting to a crane or other lifting machine.

Advantages of Using a Lifting Beam

· Lifting beams are used for lighter and shorter span lifts that require less headroom.

· It also provides multiple lifting points underneath and can be designed with variable or fixed lifting lugs.

· The design of a lifting beam is ideal for thin sheets of steel and for other weak and flexible loads.

Disadvantages of Using a Lifting Beam

· To counteract the bending forces they are made heavier than their equivalent spreader beam. So the usage of materials may not be cost effective as that of spreader beam.

· Even a lightweight load that has a wide span will require a rigid lifting beam which drains Vitamin M in your pocket.

· Tag line may be required to keep loads level and prevent tipping or spinning of the load during the lift.

From this analysis a customer can decide whether to select a spreader beam or a lifting beam. At Universal Engineering, no client would be having a void of worry as we cover everything from start to finish. We are here to solve your lifting problems whether it is advice or to design your dream lifting equipment. We prioritize our lifting equipment services like beam lifting equipment , spreader bar lifting equipment, spreader beam, lift beam and four point spreader lift beam (spreader bar for lifting and load spreader). Along with this we do spreader beam calculation and design.

Universal provide one tone spreader bar which is in stock and available worldwide via Universal engineering distributors and rental partners for any lifting equipments in a cost effective manner.

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